I hate scammers.

Scammers in general, but specifically ones that call me up at work and bother me. Scammers are not to be confused with telemarketers. Those guys I let off easy - they're just doing their job. A polite "no thank you" is all that is required. But scammers are a different story. They are not just doing their job. They're trying to take advantage of little old ladies. Therefore, I have no problem screwing with them.

Anyway, "Josh" calls me up with, obviously, a boiler room scam. No matter what I say, he just keeps going at it. He tries all the tricks in the book. I cannot get him to hang up. I swear this is 100% real.

UPDATE: Want to see their attempts at taking down this site? Cease and Desist Page 1 | Page 2

- Aaron

WARNING: This does contain mild profanity towards the end. I drop the F-bomb twice and use an inappropriate name for boobies.


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